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Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator

Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator

    • Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator
    • Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator
    • Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator
    • Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator
  • Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator

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    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: JSSHG
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: CNJS

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: dollar
    Packaging Details: Wooden case
    Delivery Time: 4 weeks
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 20 set per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application: Electroplating,Sodium Hypochlorite Generator,waste Water Treatment Equipment,Cooling Water Treatment Technique: Electrolytic Organic
    Product Name: Sodium Hypochlorite Generator,Sewage Treatment Titanium Electrode Group,MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing For Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Warranty: 5 Years For The Electrode
    Material: Titanium Rare Mental Material Certification: ISO9001
    Type: Sodium Hypochlorite Generator,Electrochemistry Equipment,Module,chemical Sterilization,Manufacturer








    Why choose Jiashang Technology

    Design strength, production quality, safety assurance, project performance

    1,Technical strength


    Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator


    2,Safety protection of system design

    a. Safety of raw material storage

    b. Main components are equipped with spare parts to ensure safe operation

    c. Indoor hydrogen concentration detection

    d. Inflow flow detection e. Water inlet pressure detection

    f. Liquid level detection of electrolytic tube g. Electrode temperature detection

    h. Electrolytic current detection i. Electrolytic voltage detection

    j. Brine concentration detection k. Strong exhaust dilutes hydrogen

    l. Wind pressure detection m. More accurate dosing and safer effluent

    n. Dosing flow monitoring

    p. The reserve of sodium hypochlorite can be increased according to the actual situation


    3,Electrode structure of patented technology

    Electrode plate: plate electrode. The anode and cathode base materials of the electrode are all made of pure titanium TA1 material. In the electrolysis process, the cathode is protected, while the anode is lost, so the anode surface must be protected by coating. The anode surface of jsshg brand generator electrode is coated with ruthenium and iridium oxide with particle fineness of 20 nm, which is treated by nanotechnology. The coating is divided into more than 18 times, and the coating thickness is 20 microns, which can ensure the long-term Stable service life.


    4,Fully transparent electrolytic cell

    The following figure:

    Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator



         Our electrolyzer is the only fully transparent design in China, including flanges. When dilute brine is electrolyzed, the electrolytic state is clear at a glance. For electrolysis, the most important thing to pay attention to is whether the electrolytic cell is scaling and whether the electrode works in a safe state. The fully transparent electrolytic cell can visually see the actual situation, so as to better protect the electrolytic cell. The electrolyzer is equipped with liquid level protection, low temperature protection, high temperature protection, low current protection, ultra-high current protection, low voltage protection and ultra-high voltage protection. Once there is an abnormality, the system will send an alarm signal and stop working.


    5,Energy saving electrolytic power supply

    The following figure:

    Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator


         Sodium hypochlorite generator uses high-frequency constant current electronic switching power supply as the electrolytic power supply. Due to the use of high-frequency rectification technology, the AC / DC conversion efficiency reaches more than 95%, the calorific value is very low, the operation is stable, and the volume is small, which is more than 20% higher than the electrical conversion efficiency of ordinary silicon rectifier (sodium hypochlorite generator GB 12176-90 requires current efficiency ≥ 72%).


    6, Immediate hydrogen removal technology

    a),LFL (Lower Flammable Limit of H2 ) : 4%

    b),Dilution air to hydrogen ratio 100:1

    c),The concentration of H2 diluted is 25% of LFL

       Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator


    Schematic diagram of hydrogen removal


    7,Salt dissolving system

    PE salt dissolving tank of drinking water safety standard is adopted to ensure the safety of drinking water. Saturated salt water is mixed with soft water through salt water pump to reach 3% dilute salt water.

    Salt dissolving device: use self-made high-efficiency salt dissolving device to achieve stable saturated salt water, without salt dissolving pump and agitator.

    Automatic water inlet control: the brine tank is equipped with high and low liquid level controllers to automatically control the water level. When the low liquid level is reached, the water inlet solenoid valve is opened, and the system water inlet. When the high liquid level is reached, the water inlet solenoid valve is closed, a reminder signal is sent on the touch screen, and the water inlet is stopped.


    8,Soft water system

    Softener resin is installed in the water softener. This artificial ion exchange resin has soft mineral sodium, which can react with hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. After ion exchange, calcium and magnesium ions are adsorbed on the resin in the water softener, and the outflow water becomes soft. Finally, after all resins are fully adsorbed with calcium and magnesium ions, they can no longer work, but need regeneration treatment, which includes backwashing, regeneration, replacement and fast flushing.


    9,Dosing system

    a,Dosing diagram (Two for use and one for standby)


    Large efficient sodium hypochlorite generator

    Schematic diagram of dosing system


    b, Dosing pump brand

    The standard configuration of dosing system is Italian brand: Seko metering pump

    Customers can choose: German prompt metering pump, American Milton Roy metering pump.




















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