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Shanghai Jiashang Environmental Technology Co., LTD

Shanghai Jiashang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. registered inminhang industrial park and specilizedin R&D, designing, manufacturing and sale of water disinfection equipment. We rely on our own talent advantages

and technology ,change the existing water disinfection equipment,and to be more professional,environmental, 

economic and practical.


Research areas include: brine electrolysis chlorine,chlorine water electrolysis system, water electrolysis

disinfection,circulating water electrolysis antiscale electrolysis disinfection sterilization alga, sewage, efficient 

electrolytic electrode, etc.

Our electrolysis system from brine or seawater is updated in the industry, smaller volume,higher degree of 

automatic and also we have a professional sales team and after-sales team, and even a professional network 

platform to provide more convenient service. We also have a special mechanism for the customer’s complaint 

and to get the most effective way to solve the customer’s problem.

Our electrolysis chlorine system equipment have passed all kinds of testing ,experiments,instrument analysis 

process to improve our quality, and our the equipment will be test by technical department and product

depatrment before delivery. The relevant configuration are use high quality brand. Such as :ABB, Schneider, 

Emerson, Siemens, Japan expo, Italy SEKO,Prominent, etc.  

We hold the concept that our culture is two infinite,infinite quality requirements and infinite service satisfaction. 

We take this two infinite as our highest principle, so we can be best quality product,timely and satisfactory service.

 Our goal is that to be a enterprise like German quality and Haier mode for service. JIAYU have been trying to get

everything better, hoping to make more contribut ion to the environmental protection.

Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East



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Brands : CNJY

No. of Employees : 50~60

Annual Sales : 5000000-10000000

Year Established : 2008

Export p.c : 40% - 50%

Company History

2010 East China University of Science and Technology set up water treatment team , specialized in the development and sale of the water disinfection equipment
2010 to 2014 the team undertake a variety of water plants , sewage plants , rural drinking water disinfection , and large-scale power plants, water recycling equipment sterilization services
2015 In order to better servicee customers,  we set up the Shanghai JiaYu Environmental Technology Co., LTD
the company is set up for provide  professional disinfection equipment research and development , production and sales of professional services 

Company Service

After sales service commitment


1. Operation requirements

We provide the equipment to ensure the long-term normal operation.


2. Equipment acceptance standard

1 ) Automatic and continuous operation, without surveillance;

2 ) The system can achieve the requirements of technical agreement which was described.

3 )  Available chlorine is 7-9g/L.

4 )  Under the condition of using refined salt and demineralized water, inlet water temperature between 5 to 27 degrees, the electrode can be ensure normal use for five years .


3. Installation, start-up commissioning, training and after-sales service

1 ) Our guidelines for the equipment installation

 If the buyer need our installation guide. After the signing of the contract, we strictly in accordance with the contract, perform the installation plan. The plan will follow and cooperate with the whole project construction progress plan, and approved by the buyer. During the installation process, we will send equipment installation engineers to cooperate with the installation equipment.

2 )  Boot debugging and commissioning

We invite buyer visit our factory before the transfer of the equipment and to a trial operation. If the sodium hypochlorite system can steadily operate at full capacity, thus as debugging qualified and meet the procurement requirements then signed  the "commissioning certificate" by the buyer.

3 ) Training

 We are responsible for the equipment operation, installation, maintenance, technical people and other technical training . All the training is in Chinese. The needed number of training people offered by the buyer.  


 4 ) Technical service

After the contract comes into effect, in the process of develop and manufacture, installation, commissioning, we accept the buyer ‘s or principal at any time for the check and inspection and to ensure that the product of the indicators can achieve the requirement of the buyer.

5 ) After-sales service

(1)We provide the training for operators and other knowledge of the operation and maintenance management of equipment.

(2) build user files

We will set up user profiles for each project, dedicated telephone, equipped with specialized technical person, documents ,including from the manufacture quality to the installation, construction, use, maintenance records, customer quality information feedback, etc.

(3) If there is a breakdown in use of process, we will ensure to respond in the shortest time. Problem can solved by E-mail, telephone counseling, or professional technical people rush to the scene quickly until the operation system can work well.

(4) After the warranty period, we can make sure that best prices to continue to provide our users with wearing parts and spare parts.

Company Team

We rely on the East China University of Science and Technology platform , we have professional electrochemical experts  , water treatment industry controls engineers , project managers and other professional and technical person


Address: RoomA206 No.455Xiangmin Rd, Songjiang District, Shanghai , China

Factory Address:RoomA206 No.455Xiangmin Rd, Songjiang District, Shanghai , China