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Automatic sodium hypochlorite generation

Automatic sodium hypochlorite generation

    • Automatic sodium hypochlorite generation
    • Automatic sodium hypochlorite generation
    • Automatic sodium hypochlorite generation
    • Automatic sodium hypochlorite generation
  • Automatic sodium hypochlorite generation

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    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: JSSHG
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: CNJS

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    Packaging Details: Wooden case
    Delivery Time: 4 weeks
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    Supply Ability: 10 set per month
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    Automatic: Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Long Life: TA1 Electrode Piece

    Brief Introduction:


                      Shanghai Jiashang Environmental Technical Co.,LTD is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. She is an environmentally-friendly technology enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacture and sales of water disinfection equipment. She relies on its own technology and advantages to change the existing water disinfection equipment form, and is truly professional, environmentally friendly, economical and practical.

    Research and development areas: electrolyzed brine to chlorine, electrolyzed seawater to chlorine, tap water electrolysis, circulating water electrolysis anti-scale sterilization and algae, sewage electrolysis sterilization, high-efficiency electrolysis electrode.

                      Our advantages: in the same industry, design update, smaller size, higher automation, we have a professional sales team, after-sales service team, a professional network platform to provide more convenient and efficient services, thereby improving service quality and efficiency We have a special complaint mechanism to get the most effective solution to customer problems and objections.

                     Our process: Improve our quality through various experiments, inspections, and instrumental analysis processes. The equipment passes the testing of the production department, the verification of the technical department, and the confirmation of the sales department before leaving the factory. The products are all equipped with brand-name products of related industries, such as: ABB, Schneider, Emerson, Siemens, Japan Expo, Italy SEKO, Germany PROMINENT and other brands.

                    Our culture: with the product quality unlimited, service unlimited culture, and as the spirit of enterprise into the enterprise management. Our team will truly achieve the highest quality and timely, effective and satisfactory service with the highest requirements of two infinite jobs. Our team have been working hard and hope to make more contributions to the cause of environmental protection.

                    Our honor:She has been certified with ISO19001, Shanghai Health Supervision (Government Department) Test Certificate, Patent certificate for electrolyzer design.




    Disinfectant comparison:






    List 1.1 Performance comparison of common disinfectants

    Disinfection method Liquid chlorine Chlorine dioxide sodium hypochlorite
    Character Yellow green gas, with strong irritant asphyxiating gas Yellow orange toxic gas with light green, with pungent taste and greater irritation than chlorine Yellow green or colorless transparent liquid with less pungent smell
    Preparation process Generally, it is made of electrolytic salt water and added to the water body to be treated by chlorination machine Add sodium chlorate quantitatively by hydrochloric acid or electrolytic saturated salt water to produce chlorine dioxide with purity of more than 50% Chlor alkali industrial by-products, concentration of 10%
    Transport The transportation of highly toxic products needs to be filed with the Public Security Bureau The generator is prepared on site, and the raw material hydrochloric acid is easy to be prepared for drug transportation, which needs to be filed with the Public Security Bureau Finished products are transported as ordinary dangerous goods
    licence The procedure is complex and takes a long time to handle Permission can be obtained Permission can be obtained
    Dosing accuracy The solubility of chlorine is low, which requires excessive dosing. The excess coefficient is up to 1.4, and the dosage is difficult to control The purity of generated ClO2 is very poor, which cannot be stored, the concentration detection is inaccurate, and the taste of excessive water is astringent Liquid low concentration dosing can accurately control the dosage
    Security Chlorine is highly toxic, highly corrosive, unsafe for transportation and storage, and is very likely to cause leakage and explosion accidents, which need to be filed with the Public Security Bureau Raw materials are explosive, and the safety of gaseous dosing is poor. Hydrochloric acid is also a highly corrosive substance, which is unsafe The safest chemical disinfection method is non-toxic to the environment. It is safe to use liquid medicine
    Economic analysis Low equipment and operation costs, low power consumption and high management costs The reagent cost is high, the equipment and operation cost are low, and the management cost is low The reagent cost is high, the equipment and operation cost are low, and the management cost is low




                        It can be seen from the table that the three disinfectants have good disinfection effects, but chlorine is toxic. Once leaked, the consequences are unimaginable. There are hidden dangers in transportation, storage, use and other aspects. Chlorine safety accidents occur almost every year in China. In addition, a large number of disinfection by-products (trihalomethane, carbon tetrachloride, dioxin, etc.) formed by liquid chlorine disinfection will also be harmful to human health.

                    As a strong oxidant, chlorine dioxide has the same disinfection ability as chlorine. However, chlorine dioxide has greater irritation and toxicity than chlorine. It is extremely unstable under normal temperature and pressure. It is explosive when the concentration in air is more than 10% or in water is more than 30%. Therefore, it must be prepared on site in the form of aqueous solution and used immediately.

                    As an efficient, safe and economical disinfectant, sodium hypochlorite not only has good hydrophilicity and can be miscible with water in any proportion, but also has no potential safety hazards such as liquid chlorine and chlorine dioxide, and its disinfection effect is equivalent to that of chlorine. In addition, it has the advantages of accurate dosing, convenient use, easy storage and non-toxic to the environment, so it has become a commonly used disinfectant in water plants.





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